The Lin Chronicles: The Courtship of Princess Lin

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Check in regularly to see the creative process of my web comic, The Courtship of Princess Lin. I will post visuals and muses on a regular basis.
A brief background about this fantasy world. It’s in the rebuilding stage of a post apocalyptic future when the conventional energy sources became depleted or rare, but gain new psych based technology and process to increase human physical potentials. For some, ways to harness chi power and martial art styles are essential for their survival in the the new civilization. For others, the same purpose is achieved by mechanical means. The look and feel of this story is Sino-Baroque. Mixture of classic Chinese styling and European Renaissance, with nuances from other cultures.
Below is a character sketch of a frontier scout. Beside surveying tools and basic life support, I also gave her a mode of self-efficient transport, an anti-gravity device.


Weekly segments of a new web comic.

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